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Who is Rumina, Goddess of Breastfeeding

Rumina, the Roman goddess of breastfeeding, protected all nursing infants–whether they were animal or human. In addition to nursing women, she is particularly noted to have watched over dairy cows with her consort Rumino. The name “Rumina” means “the nourisher,” and offerings to her were never wine, but rather milk. Rumis or Ruma is latin for breast, and the Ficus ruminalis is the latin name for fig tree–which plays into her mythology.

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Matraea Mamas - Rebeccah Moore

It's Mother's Day and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than to highlight one of the incredible Matraea Mamas who is not only a wonderful mother but an inspiring entrepreneur as well! 
Rebeccah is the new (as of February 2018) owner of the Matraea Baby Boutique. She has curated a fantastic assortment of products for moms, babies, and kids with a focus on locally and sustainably made items. We interviewed her last week for our first Matraea Mama feature - read on to find out more about this incredible woman and her shop at the Matraea Centre.

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Nourishing the New Mama

Growing a baby takes a lot of nutrients!  For nine months, you have been supplying your baby with every bit of goodness it needs to grow and prepare for a brand new life.  After the birth of your baby, it is important to replenish and give yourself the nourishment you need to embrace motherhood. 

Written by Karen Van Dyck Herbalist and Natural Formulator Extrodinaire!

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Is Drinking Herbal Tea Safe In Pregnancy?

Many health care providers including doctors, midwives and naturopaths believe that drinking certain herbal teas during pregnancy is an excellent way to support a healthy pregnancy.

We get most of our vitamins and minerals from our food, however herbal teas can often provide an additional natural source of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and iron that we need when we are pregnant. Due to the lack of clinical studies and trials on most herbs, it is encouraged to use caution when drinking herbal teas in pregnancy. For that reason, the herbs that are commonly found in pregnancy teas are ones that have been used from ancient times and have been proven over time to be not only effective but safe as well.

Contributed by guest blogger Cate Black

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