Your Radiantly Blooming Belly; It's all in the butters!

In nature, new life grows in a protected environment until it is ready to be born.  While all the attention is on the baby growing on the inside, a miracle is also happening on the outside. 

Your abdomen has been expanding and contracting all your life – as you breathe when you eat a large meal or sing opera! But it expands to its greatest size when you are carrying a baby.  Your amazing skin has the ability to stretch right along with it – when and where it needs to – on account of its elasticity.

As your skin is doing its thing, Radiant Belly Butter can help by preventing dryness, itching and stretch marks.  It features three amazing Organic butters:  Cocoa butter, Coconut Oil (really a butter), and Shea Butter.  (Next to mother’s milk, coconut oil contains the highest proportion of lauric acid of any food – a beautiful synergy!) In Matraea’s Radiant Belly Butter, these three amazing softening and conditioning butters combine to deeply nourish, tone and protect the skin while your belly blooms. 

If you have every conditioned a new baseball mitt, you know that massaging oils and butters into it makes the mitt soft and pliable; more conforming to the baseball!  Well, imagine your belly to be a little bit like that mitt, only the ball inside it continues expanding!

Remember always too, that your skin absorbs approximately 60% of what you put on it – so choose wisely. Radiant Belly Butter is food grade, so in a pinch, you could even eat it! All the ingredients in it are naturally nourishing and healthy for you and your baby, in fact over 85% are certified organic.  Luxuriate confidently in its quality: it’s all natural, absorbs wonderfully, and it smells great! 

Radiant Belly Butter
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