How the Herbs in Matraea's Milk Tea Work

For centuries women have known what we are rediscovering today…. whole herbs and spices grown in nature are gentle, yet powerful healers (like women themselves)…and their benefits are best absorbed when they are infused lovingly in water. Ironically it was also water (BIG water) that carried those first ships to the Spice Islands to gather the potent spices that are in Rumina’s Abundance, our breastfeeding tea and it is water again – in a warming cup of tea – that delivers their potent vital energy to our bodies.

Healing Herbs & Spices

Spices like Caraway, Anise, Fennel and Fenugreek were all key players of the original Materia Medica (in layman’s terms – “the original medicine cabinet”). Spices have amazing healing benefits. For example, Fenugreek (which is actually a tiny bean) is useful to break up chest congestion. Caraway and fennel are often used (as well as dill) in “gripe water” to break up gas formation in newborns. Anise joins their ranks as a superb digestive. So you can imagine how well they all work together in a breast milk tea. They benefit both baby and mom.

But How Do They Help Produce Breast Milk?

One aspect of these spices is that they are “phytoestrogens” (plant estrogens), and estrogen is the key hormone in motherhood. Plant estrogens have molecules that fit neatly into the body’s estrogen receptors (which is a good thing because it initiates a healthy estrogen response – and prevents some of the more nasty estrogen mimickers from getting in there). Hormones are the directors of the body, so supporting the hormones to remain balanced and productive is an excellent strategy! In the case of breastfeeding – it means a healthy milk supply.

Add water, some uplifting lemon and calming lemon verbena and “Voila!”:


Organic Milk Producing Breastfeeding Tea
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