What are the best natural remedies for my baby? Matraea Medicine Cabinet - Part Two

I shared with you some of the valuable insight I gained working at the Matraea Centre in my last blog. This time I will continue my product review and share with you some of the fabulous products specifically for your little one. 

Having two children, ages 5 and 3 I have spent much time dealing with some ofthe trials and tribulations of teething, diaper rashes, first colds and fevers. I knew early on that I wanted to take a natural approach whenever necessary, but this desire really magnified when I started to do my research on the adverse effects of many over the counter medications that our society deems “safe” for infants and toddlers. Tiny, developing internal organs are so sensitive! Don’t get me wrong, there may be times when it is necessary to utilize some of these products and your health care professional certainly will be a great resource to discuss this with. However, I have been able to remedy every ailment my kiddos have faced (minus one infant infection that included a 3 day hospital stay) without the aide of these “mainstream” products. 

Today I share with you some of the go-to products that have gotten us through! When our first arrived we probably did a 60/40 split using cloth and disposable diapers. Although we did have a couple bouts of diaper rash, using the Better Baby Bum Cream quickly resolved any such issues. With baby number two, we committed to cloth all the way. Not only was the diaper rash a very very rare occurrence this time around, but when it did happen the Better Baby Bum Cream quickly cured it AND was an easy wash up in the cloth diapers. Not only does this fabulous cream prevent fungal or bacterial growth in the diaper area, it also provides a gentle barrier to protect baby’s bottom. The non-nano zinc reduces redness and together with the Calendula and other ingredients, promotes healing. The bum cream was tested by Nuggles, a great BC based Cloth Diaper Company and passed with flying colours, so not only is it great for your baby's sensitive skin, it can be safely used with your diapers too!

Early on, our midwives recommended we use Baby Ddrops to ensure our babe got the recommended daily dose (400 IU) of the essential vitamin D. This very easy to administer product can be delivered by placing a drop right on your nipple when breastfeeding, on a soother, bottle nipple or even your finger tip. My kids are much bigger now and love to do the daily drop on their tongues all by themselves (as I watch of course). This great product also comes in the 1000 IU dose for adults, side note- awesome for pregnant moms! 

Teething was something that I feared prior to first experiencing it. All the tell tale signs were there that teeth were on their way. I was thrilled with Matraea's selection of products for alleviating babies symptoms as well as safe options for them to chew on to provide much needed comfort. A staple in many of the Matraea Mamas cabinets is the Punkin Butt Teething Oil.  By gently massaging this teething oil on your little ones gums, they will receive the therapeutic benefits of chamomile, clove and peppermint essential oils which work immediately on the pain and discomfort. 

A staple in our home cabinet, Camilia (produced by Canadian based company Boiron) has worked wonders relieving restlessness, irritability, pain and diarrhea as our children moved through the stages of teething. Created for infants and toddlers ( 1 to 30 months) this homeopathic product comes in extremely convenient single unit-doses. We travelled a lot with our first born and this product was so handy and reliable. We have had much success using other products by Borion, such as Quitetude, Coryzalia, Stodal Cough Syrup and Cocyntal- worth checking out folks! 

For what your baby wants to chew on, there are no shortage of great options for the little drooler. Our kids have enjoyed and sought comfort in several great products. Silicone teething jewelry has been fantastic when they've been snuggled up in a baby sling or wrap. When it comes to handling and gnawing on teething toysMia the Lamb  from CaaOcho Friends (or Sola the Goat if you choose) have been stalwarts. 

Equally impressive are the soft organic cotton terry cloth and untreated maple wood natural teething toys from Ringley- another awesome Canadian company! We would wet the ends of our Ringley Knotted, toss it in the freezer for a little bit and then our son would delight in munching on this cooled, textured, organic teether. Our daughter did as well, but she also really loved the Bloom Bliss Infant Silicone Toothbrush which transitioned nicely into a healthy toothbrushing routine for us as toddler toothbrushes were introduced! 

The ailment that has often left me feeling the least at ease as a parent, has been the dreaded fever and head cold. When my children were very young I found it very unsettling when their temperature increased or their breathing was different then usual. The Kids 0-9 Natural Formula offers an assortment of homeopathic and phytotherapeutic products. Stressors like earache, pain and fever, colic and teethingare all covered with a commitment to quality and purity, with allproducts manufactured in strict accordance with Health Canada guidelines.

Matraea's line of skin care products--Pure Baby Shampoo, Sweet Baby Body Wash, Gently Baby Bubbles, and the Dreamland Baby Oil and Love Baby lotion--are all incredible options for your baby.  Made with all natural and organic ingredients, this is one of the best skin care lines available for babies, helping to soothe sensitive skin and getting rid of irritating conditions such as cradle cap. These specific products are now available in baby boutiques and health food stores across Canada including Whole Foods.

Ill wrap up my review with one more must have product, that you want to have on hand before you need it…. and if you have a baby at some point you will need it! The NoseFrida nasal aspirator (a.k.a baby booger buster) has been a saving grace through several colds. Not only does this simple to use device have disposable hygienic filters, it is non threatening for little ones and simply gets the job done! The look of sweet relief on my babes face as they get a good clear breath and my ease using it,  make this an A+ product. Writers tip- couple NoseFrida with a steam snuggle, homeopathics like Kids 0-9 or one of Borion’s best, a slightly raised mattress head and plenty of fluids and we've weathered the cold blues many times very well! 



Kristy Martin Hale is an ongoing contributor. Along with her childhood sweetheart, their approach to raising two young children has been shaped by a love of the great outdoors, adventure and a simplified lifestyle. Working at the Matraea Centre, Kristy has developed a uniquely grounded insight on pregnancy, birth and parenting. Welcoming the concept of community and parents helping parents, she writes from the