Unboxing the Home Birth Kit

Classic Home Birth Kit

The time to prepare for your birth is before the baby comes.  After all, if your water breaks before you have everything gathered, it’ll be too late to run out to the store to pick up the supplies you will need. And no matter what else–birth is a wet affair.  Better safe than sorry, and save yourself having to get a new mattress!

The Classic Homebirth Kit is filled with everything the midwife needs and includes all the essentials for birthing at home in a safe and powerful way.

At Matraea, we believe strongly that a woman should be able to birth in the environment that she feels safest and most comfortable. If that environment is her home, well, we are all for it! Provided, that is, that Mama is healthy and her pregnancy is not “high risk.” The evidence demonstrates that Home birth is a safe option for mothers to choose, and is gaining in popularityin developed countries around the world. For example, approximately 30% of women choose to birth their babies in the comfort of home in the Netherlands. 

Home birth is re-gaining popularity in other countries such as the UK, where more and more midwives, (the majority of obstetrical care providers in that country) are responding to the increasing evidence about the safety of home birth by encouraging women to stay at home to birth, supported by their guidance and care.

In Canada, depending on the province, home birth has been protected as an option for birth within the model of midwifery care – allowing women to exercise their right to choose their birth location.

So let’s dig into the Classic Homebirth Kit to see everything you’ll get.

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