Who is Rumina, Goddess of Breastfeeding

Rumina, the Roman goddess of breastfeeding, protected all nursing infants–whether they were animal or human. In addition to nursing women, she is particularly noted to have watched over dairy cows with her consort Rumino. The name “Rumina” means “the nourisher,” and offerings to her were never wine, but rather milk. Rumis or Ruma is latin for breast, and the Ficus ruminalis is the latin name for fig tree–which plays into her mythology.

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3 Ways to Cope with End-of-Summer Blues

As September nears, and with it, the whirlwind that is back-to-school, a lot of us feel the flutter of stress and anxiety that comes with end-of-summer blues. Even for us adults, shifting into a different schedule (one that includes more time schlepping the kiddos to school and back, and less time hanging by the river with a picnic) can be challenging – but do you remember what it felt like as a kid? For many kids, the sunny summer months mean endless playtime, unsupervised adventuring with friends and cousins, later bedtimes, possibly more special treats like yummy finger foods..., and did we mention no homework? Yikes! No wonder end-of-summer blues strike at this time of year. So what can you do as a family to smooth out the ride? Read on for three ways to cope, naturally.

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Did My Water Break or Did I Just Pee?

Waiting for labour to start has got to be one of the most challenging experiences for pregnant mothers.

There are so many unknowns and questions, like:

“Is it today?”

“Is this a contraction?”

“When do I call someone?”

And, of course, THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION: “Did my water break or did I just pee?”

It's totally normal for you to wonder. In fact, we get that question all the time. So how can you tell whether your water is actually breaking, or you're just peeing?

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Caffeine During Pregnancy: How Much is too Much?

Caffeine and pregnancy is a contentious issue… or at least it was for me personally. A confirmed and somewhat proud Coffee Addict, I deeply resented those who would try to limit my intake. Particularly as it was very difficult to find an answer that everyone can agree on.

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The Best 5 Family Dog Breeds

If you are thinking about adopting a dog and you have children, you might want a breed that is actually good for families, and will get along with everyone, from children to elderly people. As you know, not all dogs are the same around people. Some get along perfectly with children, while others would love nothing more than to be left alone. In the end, it’s all about your little friend’s temperament, energy, and needs.

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Matraea Mamas - Rebeccah Moore

It's Mother's Day and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than to highlight one of the incredible Matraea Mamas who is not only a wonderful mother but an inspiring entrepreneur as well! 
Rebeccah is the new (as of February 2018) owner of the Matraea Baby Boutique. She has curated a fantastic assortment of products for moms, babies, and kids with a focus on locally and sustainably made items. We interviewed her last week for our first Matraea Mama feature - read on to find out more about this incredible woman and her shop at the Matraea Centre.

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My Empowering Birth Story

I was cramping but in denial it was anything besides regular pregnancy cramps as it was still 5 days till my due date. I brought my husband lunch and he asked several times "are you sure you are not in labor" and I said "no way, just regular growing pains." I went on about my day. My husband got home from work at 4pm and called our midwife, she said to get some rest just in case it wasn't just "growing pains." I spend the evening watching The Mindy Project and eventually fell asleep.

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