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My Empowering Birth Story

I was cramping but in denial it was anything besides regular pregnancy cramps as it was still 5 days till my due date. I brought my husband lunch and he asked several times "are you sure you are not in labor" and I said "no way, just regular growing pains." I went on about my day. My husband got home from work at 4pm and called our midwife, she said to get some rest just in case it wasn't just "growing pains." I spend the evening watching The Mindy Project and eventually fell asleep.

Shared By Danielle

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He couldn’t wait to meet us!

On Friday April 7th I woke up at midnight to a contraction. I laboured in bed for what felt like forever but turned out to only be a few minutes. My lovely doula was in the next room and was quick to come in and help me through these contractions while daddy got some last minute shut eye. He’d be needing it!

Birth Story Shared By Lindsay

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