He couldn’t wait to meet us!

On Friday April 7th I woke up at midnight to a contraction. I laboured in bed for what felt like forever but turned out to only be a few minutes. My lovely doula was in the next room and was quick to come in and help me through these contractions while daddy got some last minute shut eye. He’d be needing it!

I laboured at home for about two hours until I shouted “WE WAITED TOO LONG!!!!!!”. My doula reached out to my midwife, and let her know we’d be making the half hour drive to the hospital. I decided to go the bathroom before we left and ended up having my bloody show and immediately felt pressure.

We should have reached out to my midwife... but went for the drive anyways. The entire car ride I was clenching and trying to stop my body from pushing. OUCH!


We arrived at the hospital at 2:37am and I rushed into emergency. I made it half way down the hallway and had to stop due to contractions. We got up to the maternity ward and the second the doors opened for us I yelled “I need drugs!”. My midwife hadn’t arrived yet so the nurses got me into the exam room. I started leaking a little amniotic fluid before I was checked and still proceeded to ask for an epidural. The nurse who was examining me said “no, I’m sorry, you’re fully dilated!”.

I remember them rushing around wondering where my midwife was! I got into the delivery room and my midwife had arrived. My sweet boys heart rate started dropping, and I remember my midwife’s words exactly: “I’ve called the doctor to come assist, he’ll be here in ten minutes, I want you to push him out before he gets here!”. And I did! The rest of my waters came out right after and everybody had to take a huge jump back.

William Christopher was born at 3:04am, only 3 hours after I went into labour. It was fast, amazing, painful, rewarding, and I would do it all over again. The next baby we will be planning to have at home!

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