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3 Ways to Cope with End-of-Summer Blues

As September nears, and with it, the whirlwind that is back-to-school, a lot of us feel the flutter of stress and anxiety that comes with end-of-summer blues. Even for us adults, shifting into a different schedule (one that includes more time schlepping the kiddos to school and back, and less time hanging by the river with a picnic) can be challenging – but do you remember what it felt like as a kid? For many kids, the sunny summer months mean endless playtime, unsupervised adventuring with friends and cousins, later bedtimes, possibly more special treats like yummy finger foods..., and did we mention no homework? Yikes! No wonder end-of-summer blues strike at this time of year. So what can you do as a family to smooth out the ride? Read on for three ways to cope, naturally.

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Keeping Christmas Fun & Focused

I have these warm fuzzy memories of Christmas as a child. My mother always had the house looking festive with decorations, delicious baking and savoury meals being cooked, holiday music playing and fun activities that lasted for days. It seemed so seamless and shaped a deep love of the holidays and the associated family times for me. 

Now that I am a mother, my appreciation for all of that has truly grown ten-fold. My first few christmas experiences as a mother were valid attempts to replicate what I wanted my children to see, smell and experience through the holidays. An honest confession though, it was not seamless, I was exhausted and really did not enjoy much of it. 

Contributor: Kristy Martin Hale, Mother/Writer

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