What is a Mid-Life Midwife?

Mid-Life Midwifery, Anyone?

When we hear "midwife" we see pregnant women and babies. I ask you to expand your vision.

Here's midwifery as defined and described in wikipedia:

"A midwife is a professional in midwifery (...don't you just love it when the word is used in the definition? My editorial  comment), specializing in pregnancychildbirth,postpartum, women's sexual and reproductive health (including annual gynecological exams, family planningmenopausal care and others), and newborn care"

But there are many aspects of midwifery that integrate into services at Matraea that are not described in the wikipedia article. The historical role of midwifery has been in support of the ENTIRE life cycle of women. Cradle to grave. 

I join the collaborative at the Matraea Centre with a desire to continue to "fill in the gaps" between that wikipedia definition, and the historical one.

I hope to be of service for those at Mid-Life. The very tools and skills that women use when a part of a community committed to natural living, whole foods, and fiercely dignified birth experiences are the skills that can carry us through the menopausal metamorphosis with greater depth and ease...

And beyond? 

The historical midwife provided support through herbal medicine and other healing practices to all women, and to the dying. European midwives in the middle ages-- before the Burning Times--sat with the dying and prepared the bodies of the dead for burial. We speak of hiring doula support as we birth babies. 

Is it time for doula support as we face issues of chronic illness, terminal diagnoses and death? I believe so. 

And so do others. See this site:  http://sacredcrossings.com/ or "google" the phrase "mid-life midwife" and look at what pops up, internationally.

Remember the etymology of the word "midwife"?  It comes from the German,and "mid" simply means "WITH". To be WITH women. Not just as we birth our babies, but as we continually birth our selves throughout our entire life cycle.

As I connect with the Matraea Centre, I begin by being totally impressed with the healing artists, counsellors, naturopaths, TCM practitioners who are already weaving this community of deep women's health and support. 

By Goddess, there's even a tax preparer extraordinaire-- that's a sign of a community that understands ALL of what we hold in our womb space!

Look for me, as the new Matraea front desk receptionist. I'll be the African American lady with the funny name, the big hair, and a lot of enthusiasm!


Opeyemi is a retired family doctor, joining the Matraea staff in May of 2017

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