Why Wool is a Good Choice for Babies

In our store, we carry a lot of wool products. These range from wool diaper covers, merino wool sleepers and one-piece outfits, to an excellent selection of cosy boiled-wool outerwear. As parents prepare for another winter and begin to make buying choices around our children’s winter attire, we wanted to make the case for wool products.

Wonderful Wool

As a parent without an unlimited budget, I like wool for a very fundamental reason: It lasts longer. Wool fibres can bend 20,000 times and not break, whereas cotton fibres can only be bent 3200 times before breakage occurs.

Wool is an excellent choice for those suffering from sensitive skin or allergies as well because it is naturally hypo-allergenic and resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew – some common allergy triggers.

There are about 40 breeds of sheep producing 200 types of wool with different benefits. For example, some breeds of sheep evolved to live higher on the mountains, and, as a result, grow a fleece (not to be confused with the polyester stuff that is now more typically known as “fleece” in imitation of the real product :) !!) that is particularly well-suited to colder temperatures. Having said that, wool has what is referred to as “balanced thermal insulation properties” that allow the wearer to stay warm in cold weather and cool when it gets hot out.

So Many Benefits

Speaking of temperature control, wool is ideal for wetter environments as it is a natural insulator that absorbs and releases vapours as humidity levels change: encapsulated in the old-saw that “Wool is even warm when it’s wet!” Sheep’s wool is also eco-friendly and naturally sustainable – unlike synthetic fleece, it is 100% biodegradable! Sheep are pros at regrowing their fleece year after year, making wool a naturally renewable fibre.

Nor can wool’s flame resistant properties be pooh-poohed either! Being difficult to ignite, having low flame-spread, low heat-release properties, and superior self-extinguishing qualities make wool an ideal choice for bedding, sleepwear and household furnishings. If it’s good enough for firefighters–I can dig it!

Parents help me out here: is there anything more irritating than stains on your child’s new garment? I’ve got news for you: Wool is stain resistant and very easy to wash! Wool fabrics are easily cleaned because the outside surface of the wool fibre consists of a series of overlapping scales, which means that dirt sits on the surface of the fibre, making it easy to remove. Woot!

Be wary of the dryer, however.  Properly cared for, woollen garments will last through several children!  

Lastly, though, wool is comfy.  Merino wool has become the new norm because the fibres are fine and itchless: a big factor when clothing your little ones. Check the wool out!

BabySarah Cosman