2016 New Mom Resolutions

The long-standing tradition of creating personal goals for the upcoming year offers a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on the previous year. Looking back at our highs and lows helps to shape our vision of what we want to achieve.

Many people vow to get into shape, or stop smoking, or drink less coffee, or get that promotion. Others promise themselves more leisure, time to travel, or time at home with family. We would like to propose a couple of New Mom Resolutions for you to make this year.

1) I will not compare myself to other moms.

No one is perfect. We may all be sloppy messes at home,  burn the dinner, forgo vacuuming the house, let our kids make a mess, watch too much TV…whatever it is that you think you’re failing at, you probably aren’t.

Instead of looking at the accomplishments of other moms – whether perceived or real – through a lens of self-doubt, why not muster up some genuine enthusiasm for your friends?

Actively feeling good about others will only serve to help you feel better about yourself. Happiness begets happiness.

2) I will get some sleep!

You and Baby may not be sleeping through the night for some time, so fit in sleep and rest whenever you can. A happy, healthy mom is the best kind of mom. You know how on an airplane they tell you that if the air masks drop you should put one on yourself BEFORE attempting to put one on someone else? Same scenario here: you must take care of you to take care of Baby. Make sleep a priority in 2016.

3) I will trust myself.

Benjamin Spock once famously said:

“What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all.”

Mothering, especially when you’re brand new to it, can be tremendously scary, but you are the perfect person to take care of that new little tiny person. The scariness will never completely go away, but it does get easier, and you will gain confidence.

4) I will trust others.

Dads can change diapers too. Dads can hold the baby so moms can shower or nap or eat. Grandparents are also really really good at these things. Being a mother does not mean being a martyr, let others help you – it’s good for Baby to bond with other family members and close friends.

5) I will love my Postpartum Body

This one is easier said than done, I know. That’s what generations of social pressure does to a person. Here’s the thing, though, fitting back into your pre-pregnancy jeans right away is probably not going to happen, and you should allow yourself to be okay with that. It took nine months to put the weight on, and it might very well take nine months to lose it.

You may be curvier now than before, you may have huge boobs and no idea how to handle them, maybe you have some new stretch marks blazing proudly across your skin.

I say, wear that new body of yours with pride!

Own it, shake it, drop it like it’s hot even if the only person you’re hanging out with is junior. After all, it’s never too soon to start teaching body acceptance and self-confidence!

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