At Matraea, our mission is to support and empower every mother, new or experienced, to give birth with dignity and grace,
in a way that is right for her. MATRAEA includes a centre for family wellness, a line of natural, organic products to support
pregnancy and birth, and a retail store that meets the needs of Mamas and Babes in the Cowichan Valley. Recommended by Midwives, Physicians, and Doulas who support principles of choice, education and empowerment.

Matraea Centre

The Matraea Centre is a hub for alternative health and wellness services for women and families. Find out more.


Meet our Midwives and other practitioners. To find our full list of services and view our calendar for our scheduled classes & upcoming events.


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The only complete line of maternity products for moms and babies formulated by Midwives. Matraea supports women throughout the childbearing year including pregnancy, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and baby care. We offer free shipping on all retail orders. Shop Matraea Online.

Matraea Wholesale

Our new online ordering program makes it easier than ever for our retail partners to place their orders with a click of a button.

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Ask the Midwife

Questions? So many different aspects of pregnancy and birth to learn about and consider. Our approach is wholistic in nature, and is intended to provide support and care wherever you are in the process. IF you are a client of the Cowichan Midwifery Group and have a question for your midwife, please contact the clinic directly. Thank you!

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