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Being a mother takes us to the edge of ourselves and back. It is a journey of hope and sorrow, of love, tears, perserverance and patience. It is by far one of the greatest challenges we face in our lives. At Matraea, our mission is to support and empower every mother, new or experienced, to give birth with dignity and grace, in a way that is right for her. Midwives Kate Koyote and Selina Boily, founders of Matraea, have spent over two decades serving women; delivering their babies and supporting their families. The natural, organic line of remedies they have developed addresses common problems like low iron, morning sickness, water retention, diaper rash and low milk supply–underlining their commitment to choice, safety, and education. Kate and Selina use Matraea products with their own children, and on the hundreds of Mamas and babies they have delivered. They are confident that you will love them too, as your children grow and thrive, inside and outside the belly!

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The Matraea Centre

Embracing wellness, family and community, the Matraea Centre in Duncan, British Columbia, is a hub for alternative health and wellness services for women and families. The Centre provides midwifery services to 40% of the families in the Cowichan Valley and houses a range of practitioners, whose services include naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture, counselling, pre-natal education, yoga classes and bookkeeping. The Matraea Centre is at the heart of the Cowichan Territory and hosts events throughout the year focused on building community, supporting families and empowering women.

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“Matraea is the embodiment of our commitment to making a difference to women, families, communities, and ultimately the world.”

Selina Boily, Registered Midwife & Matraea Founder

Our Large Family

If you had told me 13 years ago that I would be a wife and a mother of 5, . . . I would have said you were insane!

And who gets a puppy when they are 6 months pregnant? This lady right here!! Because, after all, what’s adding a puppy to the craziness, right?

Here we are wading through the chaos of life with homeschooling preteens, preschooler, and a baby.

Every morning is the same routine: wake up to a baby bouncing and yelling at me from his crib, little girls trying to make their own breakfasts (Yes, we cry over spilled milk in this house), and preteen boys with entrepreneurial hearts who are devising plans for how to create the latest gadget to make a buck or two. My life is consumed with the demands of baby, refereeing children, giving attention to the dog, chauffeuring, Lego, sticky hands, constant cooking, and non-stop cleaning. Honestly, this life is not easy and it is not for the faint of heart–because did you know that children have paranormal emotional radar? That they can sense fear?

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“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” – Agatha Christie

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