Meg is thrilled to be offering yoga classes in the Cowichan Valley after completing her certifications in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga through OmTown, and Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga through MokSana.

Ever since attending a Spinning Babies workshop in 2017, Meg has been especially fascinated with how mindful-movement during pregnancy can positively effect fetal positioning. She believes that the power of group prenatal and postpartum yoga classes is the ability for parents to form supportive communities for themselves, as well as the many health and wellness benefits.

As a Doula and Reiki Master, Meg is passionate about supporting and holding space for families on their journey into parenthood and beyond. Students of all levels of experience are welcome.


Andrea is a calm and compassionate space holder for women, especially those on the journey of Motherhood. She welcomes you as you are, creating a sacred container for you to unfold within. She takes special consideration of her students energetic and emotional states, and works to bring awareness and opening.

Andrea teaches from a place of grounded feminine softness, guiding from her heart. Her classes are slow and gentle, yet fiercely empowering, serving to guide you back to your body, breath and truth. Every woman is welcome regardless of previous experience and she strives to create a sense of community.

It was 10 years ago that Andrea first called Yoga into her life. It changed her, helping her to begin to inhabit her body again and heal from a lifetime of dissociation and disordered eating. Since then, she has trained as a Yoga Therapist, pre and postnatal yoga teacher, and shamanic yoga practitioner. She is also a holistic birth and postpartum Doula.

Recently, Andrea birthed Venus Rose Women's Wellness - combining sacred gemstone jewellery, yoga and birthwork to provide healing and empowerment for Women and Mama's. She honours her teachers - Nikki Manzie, Christine Selda and Ann-Kathrin Martins, giving humble thanks for the deep lessons and healing. Andrea resides freshly in the Cowichan Valley with her 5 year old daughter and their cat Rainbow, and she looks forward to bringing Prenatal Yoga and more to the amazing Mamas here.

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Yoga has been a constant support for me throughout my adult life. The simple reason I have continued to practice and teach is that above all else, it makes me feel better! I have been a yoga instructor since 2002, and have returned to my home of the Cowichan Valley after over a decade of living and teaching yoga abroad in Hong Kong and London, England. 

 After the challenging birth of my first daughter in 2015, the focus of my teaching grew to include Prenatal and Postpartum yoga. I was absolutely humbled by the effects of the birthing process, both physically and emotionally. Yoga helped me to heal. My own postpartum struggles with pelvic floor dysfunction, body image and getting used to my new identity as a mom have led to profound growth that now informs my teaching. Prenatal yoga also helped me to prepare for the more positive birth experience I had with my second daughter. I have completed trainings with Teresa Campbell in Prenatal Yoga, Baby & Me Yoga and Sacred Cycles Community Doula training. I am currently studying to become a postpartum doula as well.

It is my passion to support women during this transformative time in their lives and I love being a part of the amazing community at Matraea. 

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Prenatal Yoga

A yoga class designed specifically for pregnant women. We will use yoga postures, breath techniques and meditation as tools to help women thrive in pregnancy, the birthing process, and beyond. Connect with a supportive community of other expectant mothers. All levels (including beginners) and all stages of pregnancy are welcome.

For the full schedule of Prenatal Yoga classes, and to register, please visit our Class & Event Calendar.

Yoga for Baby & Me

A yoga class specifically geared towards postpartum bodies and their babies who are not yet walking. A wonderful way to connect with a community of postpartum parents in the Valley and gently strengthen and honour your postpartum body. Suitable for all levels and stages of postpartum from 6 weeks onward.

$75/6 weeks or drop-in for $14

For the full schedule of Yoga for Baby & Me classes, and to register, please visit our Class & Event Calendar.