Classroom Rental Agreement

MATRAEA Classroom Rental Terms and Agreement

Thank you for your interest in Classroom Rental at the Matraea Centre. This outlines the terms of the rental agreement. Please read it through carefully as you will be expected to sign a hardcopy with the Classroom Managers upon booking the space.

This agreement is between the management of the Matraea Center (the “Management”) and the Community Classroom Rental User/Instructor (the “Renter”).

Management is not responsible for personal injuries, loss, or damage of or to personal property by users of the “Matraea Centre” classroom.

The Renter must sign this waiver and is advised to create a personal waiver of their own, for their individual classes/participants that explicitly states that the Management will not be held responsible for any of the occurrences stated above.

1) Payment Policy:

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total of your rental package will be due by 30 calendar-days before the first class. The remaining 50% will be due 10 calendar-days prior to the start of your first class in the current session. After this a late fee may apply. You will receive an email invoice at least 14 days before your session starts. We reserve the right to cancel any transaction. No new sessions may be booked if any outstanding amounts are due. All classroom bookings are subject to GST. Cash, E-transfer, or cheque payments are accepted. E-transfers can be made to (Password: cowichan) while cheques should be made out to Cowichan Doula. A $25 service charge will apply on all NSF cheques.

Application forms must be filled out for your first session booking.

Reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

2) Damage Deposit and Cancellation Policy: 

A refundable $100 damage deposit cheque made out to Cowichan Doula is required for each initial booking. These cheques will be held by the Management, and will only be redeemed if damages occur. Please note that should damages occur and the cost of repairs exceed the value of the deposit, the Renter agrees to promptly pay the balance of the costs.

3) Key Deposit:

All keys for the classroom and buildings must be signed out. Arrangements to issue keys will be made, upon completion of this agreement and receipt of the damage deposit. A key deposit of $10 must be made for each individual set. This deposit will be returned once the key is returned and signed back in.

4) Opening/Closing Procedure:

Security: Please confirm your access arrangements with Management, a minimum of 10 days before your first scheduled classroom rental. If your rental takes place after regular business hours, the entrance to the Reception area at the Matraea Centre should be locked. It is not your responsibility as a renter to secure this area. Please secure and lock all classroom doors when you exit. If you are the last to leave the building for the day, you will also be required to lock the Main Entry doors and arm the alarm. Management will review this process with you, prior to your rental use.

Set up/Take Down: Renters are responsible for set up and take down of class space as needed, EACH DAY. If your rental occurs over several days, please ensure that you have communicated with Management regarding any set up that remains between your rentals.

Equipment in the room is for general use. Any damage to chairs, tables or sound system will be deducted from your damage deposit.

*Scent & candle diffusing or burning is not allowed so that we can ensure the comfort of Matraea staff and clients.

Clean up: It is expected that the classroom space will be left, as you find it. If you have served/ consumed food or beverages during your session it will be necessary to sweep/mop the area, as well as ensure all refuse is disposed of appropriately. In the event that your rental takes place during poor weather, we advise that participants remove footwear prior to entering the classroom, or necessary clean up is completed prior to locking up at the end of the rental. A selection of cleaning products and tools are found in the upstairs washroom closet. Please return them after use.

Lights: Please turn off all lights in the classroom after each class or event.

Heat: Please turn off the heat after each class or event.

Storage: There is no storage space available to renters.

Kitchen: The kitchen space is primarily for Matraea Staff use, however arrangements can be made for use by Renters. All dishes must be washed and put away after use. Any consumption of food in the kitchen or classroom space needs to be cleaned up and disposed of appropriately.

5) Online Registration

For classes that are advertised on Matraea Mercantile’s website, an option for online and in-store registration can be provided. In this instance participants receive a confirmation email after signing up. The participant’s name, phone number and email are captured in the registration process and a class list will be provided to the instructor prior to class commencing. If an instructor chooses to forego this online registration option, full details as per the process for registration must be outlined for Management to include in the online course info.

6) Communication and Marketing:

With the exception of having the class or workshop listed on the Matraea website's Class & Event Calendar, the marketing and advertising of each class or workshop is the responsibility of the individual Renter unless otherwise specified in the chosen rental package. Limited bulletin board space at the Matraea Centre is available (no more than 4 posters please) and small “take away” advertising can be left for participants to pick up (postcard or business card size ONLY please).

Communication with participants regarding confirmation of classes, special instructions prior to class commencing or the cancellation of sessions is the responsibility of the Renter.