Refund Policy



Matraea uses different packaging methods depending on where your order is being delivered. It is very rare for any damage to occur during shipping and we take full responsibility for safe packaging. If any of your order is damaged during the shipping process, Matraea will either replace your product(s) or refund your payment. Sufficient photographs showing proof of the damaged goods are required before any refund or replacement is considered.


Matraea strives to produce quality product for its customers. Perishable items can sometimes be subject and dependent on conditions out of our control. If a product is believed to be “unacceptable,” Matraea may offer replacement or refund after our own analysis supports that opinion and if all of the following policy conditions are met:

  • The items purchased were within the previous year in Canada or in the United States and not shipped out of either country.

  • The items purchased were never subjected to temperature extremes above 30’C.

  • Matraea is notified by phone or email within 48 hours of the item being opened. See the Contact Us page for address, phone and email information.

  • No more than 25% of the content has been consumed.

  • The product is resealed with a suitable closure, packed in a box with appropriate material to prevent breakage (if applicable), and returned via Expedited Parcel Post within one week of opening, along with proof of purchase and name, address and phone number of the purchaser.

  • The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping back the product(s) unless another arrangement is agreed upon by the purchaser and Matraea.