Kaya Edwards | Birth & Baby Prep

With an afternoon dedicated to both prenatal birth preparation and postpartum planning, this weekend workshop will prepare birth teams for their transition into parenthood. Some of the topics covered will include; pregnancy discomforts, comfort measures for each phase of labor/birth, cesarean birth discussion and comfort measures, postpartum healing/ expectations/comfort measures, as well as newborn care/soothing/sleeping and feeding (breast and bottle).

This is a relaxed and fun class that is packed with the information you need to feel prepared for your birth, baby, and postpartum period. There will be light snacks and refreshments provided as well as all materials.

*Suitable for expecting families who are birthing with doctors or midwives, at home or in the hospital in the Cowichan Valley.

$150/birth team | $90/single

For more information please contact Kaya:

T: 778.678.7454