Practising New Mama Self Care

Demanding little people, pets begging to get out, meals to put on the table, it’s no wonder we don’t easily have time to reconnect with ourselves in these busy times.
You’re doing okay, though: getting through each day, ticking things off your list and maybe even getting time for a glass of wine at the end of the day. That’s enough isn’t it?

It’s not.

I could list the reasons why it’s so important to take the time to re-connect with yourself: practice self-care, have quiet space, do yoga, and so on. But I don’t think I need to. You already tell yourself on a daily basis: “I should do…because I would feel so much better/clearer/happier.” But – you don’t have time!
What would be different for you if you had more time to focus on you? Here are a few ideas for creating the time and space you need to hang out with excellent, deserving you.

1. Get Up A Little Bit Earlier Than the Rest of the House.

It can be tough when you’re always attempting to re-pay your ‘sleep bank’, but trust me, that extra 20 minutes to an hour of quiet solitude in the dim light will do wonders to rejuvenating your spirit. Cozy up with a warm cup of tea and a book or journal. Maybe a stretch session is what you’re after, or just watch the day begin out your window.

2. Write It Out.

Journaling is a powerful and effective tool for getting in touch with what matters to you. Your thoughts are only partially realized or acknowledged when they are zipping through our minds along with the million other bits of information crowding our brains. Putting pen to paper demands that we slow down our thinking and be more present in our thoughts. Spend 5 – 10 minutes a day writing whatever comes to mind, and you may be surprised at how much lighter you feel with all the extra space in your head, thoughts now on paper. Journaling is also perfect for looking at big decisions or problem solving.

3. Schedule It.

In today’s busy and “I want it now” lifestyle we are left zipping from place to place with no ‘extra’ time. You’re important, and you matter. Schedule yourself in for an appointment with… Yourself! Once scheduled, it’s easier to say no to other activities that come up and to ask ahead for assistance with childcare or other responsibilities. The fun part is deciding what to do for your ‘appointment.’ Go for a walk or hike, journal, paint your nails, take a hot shower, catch up on emails…choose what would be of most value at the time. What would ‘fill you up’?
When we take the time to re-connect with ourselves, we not only get to enjoy how amazing we are, but also model this for the important people in our lives. We are more centered, relaxed and resourceful when we have spent time on ourselves.

What a wonderful way to be.

MamaSarah Cosman