Matraea Mamas - Rebeccah Moore


It's Mother's Day and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than to highlight one of the incredible Matraea Mamas who is not only a wonderful mother but an inspiring entrepreneur as well! 
Rebeccah is the new (as of February 2018) owner of the Matraea Baby Boutique. She has curated a fantastic assortment of products for moms, babies, and kids with a focus on locally and sustainably made items. We interviewed her last week for our first Matraea Mama feature - read on to find out more about this incredible woman and her shop at the Matraea Centre.


1. How many children do you have and how old are they? Four children 3 girls 1 boy, aged 16, 13, 10, 2.5.

2. What have been your favourite parts of your motherhood journey so far? I have so many favorite parts: favorite Parts at every stage. The first being the first time they open their little eyes and look at you, hear your voice or hold your finger. The sense of humor they develop as toddlers and the first time they say "I love you too mommy" then the strengths and abilities to reason and make decisions as they start developing in their preteens, and as they hit their teens you get to breathe out all that air you've been holding in your lungs for years and have a sigh of relief feeling moments of "hey, your a pretty cool little human, and your going to be A-okay "

3. What made you want to start Matraea Baby Boutique? Really, It was my love and deep respect for Matraea, my experiences with midwives and the deliveries of my children that made me want to be part of the store. I also love babies and I love fashion. I worked in management with The Gap Victoria years back and it sparked a love for the retail industry especially infant and toddler. My years of experience with Aveda as a stylist taught me a lot about natural products and the benefits they have for our health and well-being. The combination of experience in retail and with Aveda has helped me bring a balance of natural pure products, and locally made / ethnically made clothing to the store.

4. What has been your favourite parts of being a Mom-preneur so far? I love being able to support other mothers and families in finding the things that they need for their babies and their pregnancies. I love hearing about their births and meeting their brand new little ones. It's such a rewarding job and I sure get to see a lot of joy. I also really enjoy sharing my passion with my kids. My children all come into the store and help me merchandise, ring through purchases and even sometimes choose new items for the store.

5. What are your top tips for juggling kids and business?  For me, letting the kids feel apart of the store, letting them feel like it is theirs too, letting them play a role in its success has helped them adjust to mommy now working. The store somewhat is an extension of our home, the kids are welcome, they can come and help and feel involved.

6. What is your ideal mother's day?  I think my idea of an ideal Mother's Day is the same as most mother's  A cleaned house and a long nap.

7. What is one tip you would share with expecting first-time Mothers about what's ahead? Don't be so quick to cast judgment on yourself as a mother. Parenting is a constantly changing weather system it's sunny and beautiful, it's rainy, it's windy,  it's stormy and sometimes it's a hurricane. The changing weather is normal and just because you have a few rough days doesn't mean you're a bad mom. Ride out the bad weather - parenting isn't meant to be easy. The sunshine always comes back.️


Come meet Rebeccah and find out more about her fantastic selection of products for moms, babies, and kids at the Matraea Baby Boutique inside the historic Matraea Centre downtown Duncan, BC.

Learn more HERE!