Carry The Future: Baby Carriers for Refugee Parents

At Matraea we believe in a global community, and we’ve been working hard to fundraise in our local community in support of PLAN Canada’s Syrian Refugee Appeal. You can learn more here and donate directly here

Recently, however, another group co-ordinating donations for Syrian Refugees has caught our attention, having reached out to the Matraea Centre with a request that we want to amplify.

Carry The Future

Carry the Future collects and distributes baby and toddler carriers to refugee parents fleeing with small children. Cristal Logothetis, who created the campaign noticed that many of the refugees in the news reports carried babies in their arms. As a mother herself, she knew that having a baby carrier would make their trips a little bit easier, and she thought people might readily donate baby carriers. She decided to collect 100 carriers to send to Kos: a Greek island where many refugees stop on their journeys.

You may have heard of Carry The Future. They are a volunteer group of over 70 people who have united from across the globe with the common goal of aiding Syrian refugee families.

It all originated with one California mom’s desire to provide relief to refugee families traveling on foot across Europe. Her goal was simple: give those refugees with infants and toddlers a baby carrier to help ease their journey.

In September, she started an Indiegogo campaign with an initial goal of raising $2,500 and collecting 100 baby carriers. Then, practically overnight, her campaign went viral! As the campaign grew in numbers and popularity, volunteers began creating a non-profit organization, Carry the Future (CTF), to provide a structure for sustained support for refugee families.

Making A Difference

Now, with a volunteer staff behind her and contributions of both money and carriers flowing in daily, this campaign has turned from one small gesture of goodwill to the kind of campaign that makes it into history books as one of the biggest grassroots programs of its kind.

Baby carriers aren’t the only way to get involved with CTF: this past month, the group has raised $124,420 USD via her campaign on Indiegogo, The money raised will go towards delivering relief packs consisting of items such as protein bars, Halal beef jerky, waterproof solar blankets, diapers, wipes, socks, warmers, vitamins, baby food, hand sanitizer, non-perishable high protein snacks, emergency sleeping bags, battery-less flashlights, sanitary napkins, and a lollipop/candy to refugees.

Every day Greece sees an average of 9000 new refugees arrive on its shores and 30% of them are children. Carry the Future not only solicits donations but ensures they get into the hands of refugees who need them by sending teams of volunteers for distribution. The baby carriersand other donated items are making a meaningful impact in the lives of refugee families. At this time, Carry The Future can only take soft shell carriers (not slings or wraps) because the volunteers on the ground have found they can’t fit them or distribute them as quickly as needed.


If you live in the Cowichan Valley and have a carrier that you would like to donate, please drop it off at Matraea Mercantile and we will ensure it gets to Carry The Future.

Want to get involved and help make a difference in the lives of Syrian victims of war?

The crisis in Syria has affected millions of people. Recently the situation there has worsened, and more and more children are suffering every day. More than 4 million Syrians have fled their country, and an additional 7.6 million are displaced within the country. Many are children that have been deeply affected by the violence.

You Can Help

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