Baby Names Millenials Are Choosing

Millennials are the generation that is currently between the ages of 20 and 35. They are parents having babies today.  They are the upcoming leaders in business and the arts, and they are the generation that grew up almost entirely with computers and the internet. Sure, some of us can remember a time before everyone put everything out there online – but admittedly, the memory is a bit foggy.  Arguably, Millennials never knew it any other way.

What sets the Millennial generation apart from every other generation is the prevalence of technology throughout their lives. This is partly what makes for savvy parents who want his or her child to stand out from the tide of “Johns” and “Janes.”  An article published on attempts to answer the question:Why Millennials Are Giving Their Kids Weird Names?  One theory is that, just as the moms and dads of today tend to gravitate towards more authentic and smaller brands, so too, do they gravitate towards distinctive names: what – if not a brand – is a name after all?

So, in no particular order, we present a list of popular baby names being chosen by millennials: perhaps you’ll see your own future child’s name on this list!

Girl Baby Names

Paisley has become incredibly popular in recent years. In 2006, the moniker entered the Top 1000 and today it rests just outside of the Top 50.

Popular Orange is the New Black character—Galina: up in popularity by 67 percent this year according to a list of most popular baby names from

Charlotte is experiencing a bit of a comeback, possibly due to the new little princess?

I was pleased to see Sloane seeing a surge in popularity, the name means “expedition” or “invasion” and is so strong and tough sounding (*disclaimer: My own daughter can boast Sloane as a middle name – along with a couple others because we just couldnt decide!)

Speaking of bad-ass monikers, Arya the name of pint-sized Game of Thrones heroine is storming onto the scene.

Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards) has been making the maternity floor rounds on the regular since 2001. The name is lovely but admittedly hard to pronounce; is it na-VAY, ne-VYE, NEE-veh, ni-VAY-uh? Perhaps it’s open to interpretation.

Boy Baby Names

Bentley–named for the car make – took off after 2000 and is now the 81st most popular boy name in the U.S.

Jackson has been the reigning king of baby names for the past 2 years according to the list from Baby center.

Jax is a shorter version of Jackson but it’s also a tougher-soundingmore modern version of Max (Sons of Anarchy fans will agree with this). Basically, any name ending in X (Pax, Dax) is pretty high ranking at the moment.

Ollie, Rhys and Xander all make it into several popular baby name lists too.

Cash is big right now, and the trend began when parents moved away from giving babies the same first name as their favourite rock star, and instead chose to pay homage via the musician’s last name.

Unisex Baby Names

Ari is a hebrew name that is becoming popular for both boys and girls: the name means “lion.” We could see parents wanting to associate their children with the majestic king (or queen) of the jungle.

James, likely a Hebrew variant of the name Jacob, is becoming more and more popular for girls.

Drew, traditionally short for Andrew has been claimed by many a young female.  Maybe Drew Barrymore had something to do with that?

Elliot has transitioned nicely from Boys Only to being gender unspecific. It can be feminized if need be by changing the spelling a bit, eg. Elliotte or Elliette.

I almost named our first-born Finley – and would have used it for either a girl or a boy.  We chose something different in the end, but this name is still very dear to me.

When I was a little girl my hero was Murphy Brown (because obviously, she was the feminist powerhouse I knew I would one day become) and her TV son was called Avery. Today Avery is a beautiful choice for either a girl or a boy.

You can’t do a Google Baby Name search without Mason popping up. The name was number 33 in the top 100 baby names in Canada in 2012.

So did you spot your child’s name on this list or perhaps your future child? Let us know if you have a favourite name that wasn’t on this list!

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