5 Ways to Commemorate Baby's First Christmas

Baby’s First Christmas is such an exciting milestone! From the tree to the lights, to Santa and all the wrapping paper there are so many wonderful sights and sounds to behold during the holiday season.

We polled some Matraea team members to find out how they commemorated their children’s first Christmases.

Holiday E-Cards and Videos

Making your own unique holiday cards featuring Baby is such a great way to send out photos to all your loved ones! Use a service like Pic Monkey to add holiday graphics and text overlays to your photos.

Jib Jab is an extremely popular e-card service that allows a user to upload a picture of their own (or their innocent baby’s) face and create an animated card that will delight all your Facebook friends. It’s not free ($1.50 per month) but you can to play around with the program before committing any money.

Handprint Ornaments

Why not create a special commemorative ornament that you can enjoy for many years to come. Picture yourself carefully unwrapping this ornament every year, showing it to your son or daughter and explaining that their hand used to be so small! Perhaps, your baby will grow up and one day hang the ornament on their own tree! Search Pinterest for DIY solutions or keep it simple and order a kit here

Another neat DIY craft is the Reindeer Footprint. This would be so much fun to do every year and keep in a collection. Here are some easy to follow instructions.

Start A Tradition

It seems like most every family has a fun tradition they enjoy during the holidays. It might be driving for 3 hours to Grandma’s house, or going to the movies on Christmas day or getting up extra early for boxing day deals. In our house, we have a tradition of opening one gift each on Christmas Eve. The parcel is always a new pair of cozy pj's, and everyone must immediately put theirs on and wear them until the next day… or longer if you’re me.

Visit Santa

It’s not really Christmas unless you go and get a picture of your baby crying in Santa’s lap. We all know this, but did you also know that after taking the picture you and all your grown-up friends will love to laugh at, you can continue the fun? Portable North Pole offers parents the ability to create a personalized video message for their kids from Santa. I did this last year, and my son’s mind was blown, at the time I thought it would have been cool to have done it annually and saved each video message.

Another fun online based service is the Santa Norad Tracker If you visit the site now you’ll find Santa’s village and be able to explore the North Pole, on Christmas Eve you’ll be able actually to track his movements as he traverses the planet dropping off toys for all the good little girls and boys.

Stage a Photo Op

Not unlike suggestion number 1, the photo op is basically mandatory. How fun to dress your baby up as a teeny tiny Santa or Rudolf! There are some really awesome photo ideas here and here. I especially enjoy any picture of a baby snuggled up in a Christmas stocking!

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