Valentine's Date Night Ideas for New Parents

Going to a 5 star restaurant and then out dancing all night is probably not something you will be doing this Valentine’s Day if you have a new baby at home. . . if it is–Rock on, Sister! If finding a babysitter, clean clothes to wear, extra cash to spend and energy to keep upright sounds like too much of a commitment–I’ve got you covered!

In this post, we’ll present 10 Stay At Home Date night ideas for new parents, hopefully one of the ideas will inspire you to celebrate the romantic holiday in comfort!

  1. Camp out on the living room floor.  In our house, we call this a “Hippie Bed” I have no idea why but that’s what we’ve been calling it for years now! Set up an air mattress. Roast marshmallows in the fireplace. Have a picnic dinner on the floor. There is something so fun about sleeping in the living room – a room normally reserved for day-time.
  2. Turn your living room into a dance floor. Camping not your thing? That’s fine, move the furniture out of the way, turn on the music and dance like you have no responsibilities! Just keep the music down so you don’t wake Junior.
  3. Snuggle under the stars. Put a blanket on the ground or wrap up in sleeping bags in your backyard and just enjoy gazing at the stars as you snuggle your special person.
  4. Make plans. Write your lifelong bucket list together and plan out how you will spend the next forty Valentine’s days together.
  5. Cook dinner. You can do this together or if one of you is a whiz in the kitchen the other could busy themselves setting the table (and the mood – don’t forget candles and music!)
  6. Stay at home spa! A bubble bath for two, foot rubs, back massages, face masks!
  7. Have a Nerf gun war.  I mean seriously, how fun would it be to sneak around the house in the dark (so as not to wake up the kids) and then shoot each other?!
  8. Play the Newlywed Game! See how well you really know one another. Have prizes for every correct answer. You can check out some fun questions here
  9. Get all dressed up & stay in: Pull out your nicest formal dress from your last Christmas party or even from your wedding or high school prom if it still fits, light dozens of tea candles, and have a romantic, fancy dinner at home.
  10. Make it a Theme Night! Choose a theme and centre everything about the night around it. For example, if you choose an Italian theme, you could eat lasagna and gelato, then watch a movie like The Italian Job orLife is Beautiful. Some other fun theme ideas: Mexican, Asian, Christmas, Kid’s theme, 1950′s (or any decade), etc.
MamaSarah Cosman