Classic Home Birth Kit Review

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Matraea Classic Home Birth Kit Review:

Any family planning a home birth knows that there are a few essential, yet sometimes hard to find items that they will need for the big event. Often this means searching for and sourcing from different stores and assembling a “kit” on your own. Now, the midwives behind the British Columbia-based Matraea line of products for mothers and babies have a ready-made Home Birth Kit available that can be shipped to your door.

The Classic Home Birth Kit has everything a midwife will need when she arrives at your home.

In the box you will find:

24 Underpads
1 box of organic maxi pads
2 mesh underwear
1 mattress cover
12 gauze squares
1 peri-bottle
4 straws
1 large plastic bag
2 garbage bags
1 recycling bag

What I love about this product is that Matraea has created a neat and tidy box full of everything your midwife needs. It is easy to order, ships to your door and is beautifully packaged. It is one less thing (actually, quite a few less things) for you to worry about as you’re nearing your due date.

Happy Mama Home Birth Kit

Also available from Matraea is the Happy Mama Home Birth Kit which contains all the essentials from the Classic Kit plus some well-appointed extras like Matraea Massage Oil, Matraea Labour Spritzer, Matraea lip Balm, Homeopathic Arnica, Witch Hazel and even an organic cotton Baby Hat plus a few more items. What I really love about this kit is that it also contains Ibuprofen which means that some or all of the cost of your Home Birth Kit could be covered by your insurance. It would absolutely be worth asking your insurance provider about.

To see the Kits for yourself visit the Matraea online store and don’t forget to check out all the other beautiful products they market.

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