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Introduction to Herbal Medicine with Megan & Jenna Waddy


Introduction to Herbal Medicine

Four-week intensive workshop Saturdays April 28th, May 12th, May 26th, and June 2 10am-1pm

Cost: $310.00 Includes over $100 in materials and products!

Jenna Waddy, Naturopathic Doctor

Jenna Waddy, Naturopathic Doctor

Join sisters Megan (Medical herbalist) and Jenna Waddy (Naturopathic Doctor) for a four-week introduction to herbal medicine. Medicinal plants are an important part of our lives and can be used safely and effectively to support the mind, body and spirit.

During this course, we will provide you with the tools necessary to navigate the world of herbal medicine, including:

Megan Waddy, Master Herbalist

Megan Waddy, Master Herbalist

  • Introduction to plant medicines: terminology, ethical harvesting practices, herbal preparations and safety profiles
  • Herbal remedies for common conditions (gastrointestinal, respiratory, immune, skin and nervous system)Herbal medicine making
  • How to make a herbal first aid kit
  • Herbal medicine is a hands-on practice; individuals will be given the opportunity to experience and connect with plants using all of the senses: looking, smelling, touching, tasting and feeling the energetics of individual plants.

What’s Included?

By the end of the course, you will leave with $100 worth of herbal products, as well as recipes to make your own remedies at home!Products include: Custom blended herbal tea, Tincture, Medicinal syrup, Healing Salve


Also included in the course:

  • Take home exercises
  • Herbal medicine-making handbook
  • Access to PowerPoint slides Hands-on experiences with individual herbs

Course Break Down

Week 1 – Intro to herbal medicine

During the first week we will discuss:

  • What is herbal medicine?
  • The various ways to use plants medicinally: teas (infusions and decoctions), tinctures, syrups, capsules, essential oils and flower essences
  • Learn herbal terminology (plant actions)
  • Experience the organoleptic qualities of plants: using all of your senses to connect and identify plants

Medicine making: learn how to make a tincture.

Week 2 - Digestive and Nervous system health

Overview of the digestive system & herbal remedies for common digestive concerns including gas and bloating, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, nausea. Overview of the nervous

Overview of the nervous  system & herbal remedies for stress, anxiety, low moods

Medicine making: blend a custom herbal tea.

Week 3 - Immune & respiratory health

Overview of the immune system & herbal remedies for common ailments including weakened immune system, upper respiratory tract infections (the common cold), acute and chronic infections, and fevers.

Medicine making: Learn how to make an immune syrup.

Week 4 – Skin health

Overview of the immune system and the skin & herbal remedies for eczema, cuts, scrapes, bruises, skin infections (bacterial, fungal and viral). Ex. Athletes foot, cold sore, head lice, staph. Discussion of helpful herbal remedies in a home herbal first aid kit.

Medicine making: Learn how to make a healing salve. 

Disclaimer: This course does not include diagnosis of medical conditions and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice.

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