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Drop-in Mindful Meditation

Drop-in mindfulness meditation class, by donation. 7-8pm every Tuesday. These classes are designed to be a reliable, accessible way to develop community of people interested in nurturing the inner life, and support for your practice.  If you've never meditated before this is a way to dip your toe in, and if you are more experienced, to meet others and gain energy and support to deepen your practice.  Everyone welcome.

Sarah will give a short talk on a concept or theme within Buddhist Philosophy and then guide a meditation.  Influences are Therevadan Vipassana as well as mindfulness application within Western Psychology.  Afterwards there will be time for a question & answer period to clarify or deepen understanding.  Usually the format is a 20 min. talk, followed by 30 mins. of guided meditation and 10 mins. of Q&A.

A combination of sitting meditation, walking meditation, and other manners of modifications such as standing or laying down are encouraged if sitting doesn't work for someone.

Sarah Sinray, MSc., RCC is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a passion for helping people attain greater life balance and fulfillment. She has two Master's degrees in Psychology and has an on-going curiosity which leads to lifelong learning. She has practiced Vipassana meditation for 11 years and attends several meditation retreats every year.  She is particularly interested in the intersections between Western and Eastern Psychology, and hopes to act as a bridge between helpful notions within these disciplines and a wider audience than currently has access. This is one of her ways of giving back and nurturing community in the Cowichan. for more information or obtain resources and information here