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The Matraea line is the perfect fit for both Mom & Baby boutiques and Health & Natural food stores. Adding the Matraea line to your shelves will help you attract new and expectant Moms who care deeply about what they are putting into and on their bodies.

We provide generous margins, high quality dependable products, and excellent customer support. As a Matraea retailer we will feature you on our Retail Partners page on our website, and advertise our partnerships using our social media platforms - actively looking for cross promotion opportunities. We are also now able to offer on-line ordering to our retailers.

Fill out our brief online application HERE and become a Matraea Retailer today!

Attract the Health Conscious Mom

The Matraea line will help you attract and keep a new audience of health-conscious Moms.

Pregnancy is a trigger for healthy living for many women. Before pregnancy, the impacts of chemicals, toxins and antibiotics in foods and cosmetics may not have been considered. However, a pregnant Mom has one primary concern: the health and safety of her child. Expectant mothers know it is vital to eat food and use products that will not harm her child.

For a new Mom, chemical-free products are not a luxury item, they are are an essential aspect of bringing a new life into the world. At any given time, around 1% of the population are pregnant women (if you think about it, most of us know at least one pregnant woman). Expectant Moms are more likely to switch to healthy living than any other demographic group.

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