Sleep Consulting

Jessica Raymond - Sleep Expert with Sleepwell Baby | Certified Child Sleep Consultant


Jessica Raymond is a certified child sleep consultant with Sleepwell Baby. She has two young daughters who help to reinforce her knowledge of babies' and kids’ sleep needs. Jessica works with families struggling with their child's sleep by providing education, information, tools and support to help get their kids — ages four months to eight years — sleeping better.

To book a free 15-minute phone consultation to talk about your current sleep challenges and learn how she can help, visit or email

Next Sleepwell Baby - Sleep Clinic: October 11th, 2017 (11am-12pm)

Join certified child sleep consultant Jessica Raymond at this exclusive SleepWell Baby sleep clinic. Our icebreaker topic will be sleep milestones and transitions. We’ll cover what you can expect with the first sleep milestone at 6-8 weeks and the first major milestone at four months (also known as the four-month sleep regression). We’ll go over the various nap transitions, including crib-to-bed. We’ll also talk about developmental milestones and how to deal when sleep naturally gets disrupted. This event is free and family friendly. Bring your kids and bring your questions. The icebreaker topic will get our discussion going, but please bring all your sleep-related questions.

This clinic is Free!