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Derived from the Latin "mater" meaning mother, Matraea was founded on the belief that every birth matters and that every woman deserves to feel loved and cherished as she embarks on her journey to, and through, motherhood.

Nurturing Motherhood

Matraea was created by midwives, with their intimate awareness of the needs and challenges faced during pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and motherhood.  

Matraea uses only natural ingredients, including organic oils and herbs, in each product that has been thoughtfully crafted to care for Mom & Baby.

Matraea is passionate about providing ethically made, sourced, and packaged products that are trusted by midwives, doctors, doulas, and moms.


Feeling my son move in my belly when I smoothed the heavenly scented belly butter on my stretched skin was a daily ritual during my pregnancy.
— Anna, mother to Ashton

Matraea's natural body care lines for Mom & Baby offer reliable and safe alternatives to the harsh chemical-laden products that are widely available. Using organic herbs and oils whenever possible, all the products are free from artificial fragrances, additives, and preservatives. Effective and safe care for even a newborn's delicate skin.




Matraea's organic herbal teas nourish and support pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum. Made with all natural herbal ingredients in BC, and beautifully packaged in recyclable containers, these products are effective at soothing many common challenges faced in the childbearing year.

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The Iron Mama tea was so helpful when I was nauseous during my pregnancy. It was mildly minty and was great with a spoonful of honey hot and when it cooled off.
— Olivia, mother to Violet

Matraea Coast to Coast

Matraea products can now be found in baby boutique stores, health food stores, midwifery clinics and online, across Canada, the United States, South America and Asia.

Can't find your favourite shop on the map? Let us know by email at or call at 1-844-628-7232.

I was so happy to find the bum cream from Matraea after searching for something that would help treat my son’s recurring diaper rash. It worked like a charm and I could use it with his cloth diapers too!
— Nicole, mother to Caleb

Wholesale Opportunities


Pregnancy is a trigger for healthy living for many women. Before pregnancy, the impacts of chemicals, toxins and antibiotics in foods and cosmetics may not have been considered. However, a pregnant Mom has one primary concern: the health and safety of her child. Expectant mothers know it is vital to eat food and use products that will not harm her child.

For a new mom, chemical-free products are not a luxury item, they are are an essential aspect of bringing a new life into the world. At any given time, around 1% of the population are pregnant women (if you think about it, most of us know at least one pregnant woman). Expectant Moms are more likely to switch to healthy living than any other demographic group.


The Matraea line is the perfect fit for both Mom & Baby boutiques and Health & Natural food stores. Adding the Matraea line to your shelves will help you attract new and expectant Moms who care deeply about what they are putting into and on their bodies.

We provide generous margins, high quality dependable products, and excellent customer support. As a Matraea retailer you will also benefit from our regular promotions and online ordering.

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