Prenatal Classes

Kaya Edwards and Stephanie Cutler are two doulas who currently run prenatal education workshops for expecting families at the Matraea Centre.

Find out more by reading the brief descriptions below and visit their sites or contact them to learn more!


Birth & Baby Prep

Kaya Edwards | Cowichan Doula

$150/birth team | $90/single

2017 Workshops

  • Saturday, September 9th 12pm-4pm & Sunday, September 10th 12pm-4pm
  • Saturday, November 4th 12pm-4pm & Sunday, November 5th 12pm-4pm

2018 Workshops

  • Saturday, January 13th 12pm-4pm & Sunday, January 14th 12pm-4pm
  • Saturday, March 10th 12pm-4pm & Sunday, March 11th 12pm-4pm
  • Saturday, May 19th 12pm-4pm & Sunday, May 20th 12pm-4pm
  • Saturday, July 7th 12pm-4pm & Sunday, July 8th 12pm-4pm
  • Saturday, September 15th 12pm-4pm & Sunday, September 16th 12pm-4pm
  • Saturday, November 17th 12pm-4pm & Sunday, November 18th 12pm-4pm

With an afternoon dedicated to each prenatal birth preparation and postpartum planning, this weekend workshop will prepare birth teams for their transition into parenthood. Some of the topics covered will include; pregnancy discomforts, comfort measures for each phase of labor/birth, cesarean birth discussion and comfort measures, postpartum healing/ expectations/comfort measures, as well as newborn care/soothing/sleeping/ feeding (breast and bottle).

This is a relaxed and fun class that is packed with the information you need to feel prepared for your birth, baby, and postpartum period. 

There will be light snacks and refreshments provided as well as all materials.

Suitable for expecting families who are birthing with doctors or midwives, at home or in the hospital in the Cowichan Valley.

Kaya Edwards

Birth Doula | Postpartum Doula | Childbirth Educator | Car Seat Technician

The journey to and through parenthood is a long and often bumpy road. Thankfully there are many ways to navigate this adventure and the most successful strategies will be the ones that you can adapt to your own goals, needs, and values. 

Kaya has been doula-ing families through their pregnancies, births, and postpartum journeys since 2010 as a DONA trained Birth & Postpartum Doula and educating expecting families as a Childbirth Educator since 2015. She is passionate about providing resources to the Cowichan Valley community through her work as a co-founder of both the Mid-Island Doula Collective and their annual Journey to Light event, raising support and awareness for families struggling with perinatal mood disorders. All of Kaya's services are covered by the Aboriginal Doula Program for clients who identify as First Nations, Metis, or Inuit. 

Kaya is passionate about supporting her clients in the choices that work best for them. From home water births to elective cesarean births, breastfeeding to formula-feeding, her clients receive informational, physical, and emotional support to make the choices that speak to them. She serves her clients with an open heart and without judgement so that their journey may be full of love, laughter, and joy. 

Kaya is excited to offer consultations, prenatal visits, as well as both private and group childbirth classes at Matraea in addition to her house/hospital visits for birth and postpartum support.

For more information contact Kaya.

778 678 7454


Sacred Birth Journey 

Stephanie Cutler | TigerLily Doula

$275/birth team

2017 Workshops

  • Saturday, September 30th 10am-5pm & Sunday, October 1st 10am-5pm

This weekend class designed for pregnant couples are not your average prenatal class. Regardless of your chosen birth setting, or level of intervention, you will have a chance to learn more about your own body and how birth works in a class that is supportive and full of beauty. Over the course of the series, both partners will have a chance to create real tools to use in birth and the rest of your life which address not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual as well, to truly prepare you for your transition to parenthood. Honour the process and create community through ceremony and celebration, and take special time to develop a genuine, deep and meaningful bond with your partner that will serve you both in all things.

Over the weekend you will:

  • Honour and celebrate your journey into parenthood, regardless of what that looks like

  • Deeply connect as partners

  • Explore your emotions around birth and release your fears

  • Discuss your childbirth choices

  • Learn and practice a variety of comfort measures

  • Create mantras, malas and birth visualizations

  • Discover the power of the senses

  • Prepare for your new role caring for your baby

In addition to all this, the cost of the course includes a wonderful gift bag and deals on local resources that may be of interest to you.  

** If this fee is difficult for you, please do not hesitate to contact me about my alternate payment options!**

Stephanie Cutler

Birth Doula | Reiki Master | Sacred Pregnancy Instructor

Stephanie Cutler is a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, a DONA certified Birth Doula, Reiki Master, owner of Tigerlily Doula Services, and wife to an amazing man and mother to an amazing little girl. After the doula-supported home birth of her own daughter in 2012, Stephanie took the long pondered step into birth-work, and trained and began supporting births as a birth doula. She has been deeply in love with this work ever since, and feels constantly humbled and blessed by her clients' strength and the incredible experience that is birth.

Over the past few years, Stephanie has been privileged to work in a variety of birth environments through her own private practice, through wonderful programs such as with the Doula Services Association of BC. She has also worked to bring education into the community through written articles, community programs, groups, and markets both on the lower mainland and on the Island. In April 2015 Stephanie attended a Sacred Pregnancy Instructors' Retreat, and was moved deeply. "I realized that the "Sacred" approach held keys to deepening our experiences of birth and everything beyond, and knew that I had to share this gift". Since then, Stephanie has been working hard to get her classes up and running, and is excited to be able to offer them at Matraea for residents of the Cowichan Valley.

For more information contact Stephanie.