Natural Fertility Control

Sue Fryer - The Billings Ovulation Method Instructor

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Sue majored in social work at Concordia University, Montreal. She relocated to Vancouver Island seventeen years ago with her husband, Justin, and three children and is now an active resident in Maple Bay community.  As a mother and grandmother, Sue feels a special responsibility of passing on knowledge to young couples so that they become confident in knowing every day whether they are fertile or infertile and so decide when to make love, depending on whether they wish to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

There is an initial presentation of the Method, with follow up appointment two weeks later, in order to become confident in using the four common sense guidelines that need to be used in order to attain the 99% effectiveness rate (1998 Chinese Medical Journal) during the normal stages of a woman’s reproductive life (adolescence, breast-feeding, return to fertile cycles post-partum, pre-menopause, coming off contraception; emotional and extreme physical stress),  when ovulation is delayed. 

Monthly presentations are given on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  

Registration is necessary by e-mail  or phone 250 709 9081 

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$25.00 deposit at initial presentation that is returned upon completion of two chart follow ups.