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Lindsay Campa| Reconnecting the Pelvis through Yoga Therapy

Lindsay Campa is a Registered Massage Therapist and Yoga Therapist with over a decade of teaching experience.   Her classes are therapeutically focused; offering a safe and gentle approach to yoga and movement.   She uses curiosity and humor,  holds professional and safe space, and is passionate about learning about how the human body moves and functions.   

"I love sharing with others the magic of how the body is connected.  One part affects the next part, and how we hold ourselves informs our very sense of everyday life."
Yoga Therapy can assist in decreasing pain and recovering from injury by creating more functional movement and re-balancing of the nervous system.
Specialized group yoga therapy classes as well as individual yoga therapy sessions- ideal for those working to heal from injury or illness.

Please contact Lindsay 250-466-4607 for class information.

Kids yoga Matraea

Jayde Martins|Yoga Instructor

Jayde Martins Yoga Matraea

Jayde Martins is an instructor of gentle hatha yoga and is working towards yoga therapy certification through Ajna Yoga (IAYT). Jayde has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has found that it has been her saving grace through loss, injuries, pregnancy, motherhood, and in day-to-day life! She has recently completed her prenatal yoga certification and is beyond thrilled to have the honour and privilege to create a space for pregnant women to find peace, relief, community, and connection with their bodies and babies. Jayde strives to provide an invitation to a yoga practice that feels healing, gentle, empowering, and grounding.

For more information, please call Jayde at  250 590 7286 or e-mail Be Free Programs

Stephanie Cutler is a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, a DONA certified Birth Doula, owner of TigerLily Doula Services, and wife to an amazing man and mother to an amazing little girl. After the doula-supported home birth of her own daughter in 2012,  Stephanie took the long-pondered step into birth-work, and trained and began supporting births as a birth doula. She has been deeply in love with this work ever since, and feels constantly humbled and blessed by her clients’ strength and the incredible experience that is birth.

Over the past few years, Stephanie has been privileged to work in a variety of birth environments through her own private practice, through wonderful programs such as the South Community Birth Program in Vancouver, and as a Board Member and volunteer doula with the Doula Services Association of BC.  She has also worked to bring education into the community through written articles, community programs, groups, and markets, both on the lower mainland and on the island. In April 2015, Stephanie attended a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor’s Retreat, and was moved deeply. "I realized that the ‘Sacred’ approach held keys to deepening our experience of birth and everything beyond, and knew that I had to share this gift." Since then, Stephanie has been working hard to get her classes up and running, and is excited to be able to offer them at Matraea for residents of the Cowichan Valley.

Read more about Scared Pregnancy and Stephanie at Tiger Lily Doula 
To contact Stephanie regarding classes, please call 250 710 2489
or email Tiger Lily Birth

Stephanie Coulter | Sacred Pregnancy Instructor 

Stephanie Cutler

Sue Fryer | The Billings Method Natural Fertility Control

Sue Fryer Matraea

Sue majored in social work at Concordia University, Montreal. She relocated to Vancouver Island over ten years ago with her husband Justin, and is an active resident in Maple Bay community.  As a mother and grandmother, Sue feels a special responsibility of passing on knowledge to young couples so that they become confident in knowing every day whether they are fertile or infertile, and so decide when to make love, depending on whether they wish to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

To learn more about the Billings Method of Ovulation, click here
For class information, please call Sue at 250 709 9081 or email Billings

Diane Barr | Yoga Instructor

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I recently returned to my home of the Cowichan Valley after over a decade of living and teaching yoga abroad in Hong Kong and London, England.  I have been a yoga instructor since 2002, however the focus of my teaching shifted after giving birth to my daughter in 2015.  

I was absolutely humbled by the effects of the birthing process, both physically and emotionally.  My own postpartum struggles with pelvic floor dysfunction, body image and getting used to my new role as a mom have led to both profound growth and learning that now inform my teaching. Learning how to support women in pregnancy, the birthing process and the postpartum period have become my passion!  

I am extremely grateful to share what I continue to learn through prenatal and postpartum yoga and am excited to be a part of the loving, supportive community at Matraea.


                                                            Scarlett Jaxen | Early Morning Yoga

scarlet (2).jpg

Born as an empath, Scarlet feels deeply and was naturally drawn to the healing arts to complete her Social Work degree at the University of Calgary. Here she tapped into her magic as an intuitive listener and open-hearted guide. 

Scarlet has trained as a dancer and yogi for most of her life, relying on movement to express her truth and regulate emotions. She has developed a unique style of yoga-flow that weaves students between vulnerability and strength. She helps women celebrate the Goddess within by uniting the magic of Mother Earth with the Sky-Moon-and-the-Stars in the body temple.

Scarlet commits herself to her offerings with integrity and ethical practice. She will invite you to listen to the whisperings of your heart space, to practice full self expression, and to tune into your unique sacred gifts. Please join her every Tuesday and Thursday morning!

Kaya Edwards | Childbirth Educator of Cowichan Doula

The journey to and through parenthood is a long and often bumpy road. Thankfully there are many ways to navigate this adventure and the most successful strategies will be the ones that you can adapt to your own goals, needs, and values. 

Kaya’s workshops aim to provide you the confidence in finding your own path through pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. From home waterbirth to elective cesarean birth, breastfeeding to bottle feeding, there is a range of options and the “right” choices are those that work best for you. Her wish for you is to have a journey full of love, laughter, and joy. 

To sign up for Kaya's classes, please call or email: